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Casino Software used by Online Casinos

Bossmedia, oddson, Random Logic, Net entertainment etc


As you may already know, casinos have the option to pick which software to use. Their are many casino software providers and below we list a few.

888 Holdings Public Limited Company

Headquartered in Gibraltar, 888 is known worldwide as being the premier online gaming company.  Founded in 1997, the original name of 888 was Virtual Holdings Limited.  Beginning with a gaming license in the beautiful island of Antigua, Virtual Holdings Limited established their first online gaming program, Casino on Net.  By 1998, marketing research was underway in Tel-Aviv to further expand the spectrum of 888 Holdings Public Limited Company.  

By the year 2002, 888 had expanded and developed a second online gaming site, Reef Club Casino.  The gaming company had now developed its brand and revealed their increasingly popular, online poker game, Pacific Poker.  The year 2003 saw 888 officially move their base from Antigua to Gibraltar, where it remains today.

Part of 888’s success can be found in their company mission.  The company states that their main focus is to provide users with a safe, fun, and entertaining way to enjoy online gaming.  They also place a heavy emphasis on natural expansion and rely on the quality of their games to attract new players.  Central to their company is an emphasis on developing software that enables players to enjoy all of their favorite features and services in an easy to access location.

Additionally, 888 centers on creating a community, and an integral part of every great community is trust.  By creating a community that features an atmosphere of responsibility everyone benefits.  888 continually works with their staff on providing them with the resources and education needed to make certain that games are being conducted in a responsible manner.  In fact, 888 takes ethical, moral, and responsible gaming so seriously that they have a director of Corporate Social Responsibility whose sole job is to develop responsible and ethical games.  The emphasis on responsible gaming extends to all areas of the company.  This includes making certain that everyone who is a part of 888 understands and implements responsible gaming techniques.  Their commitment to responsibility includes being transparent, and 888 Holding Public Limited Company also works in compliance with gaming guidelines set in place by eCogra.  In addition to following eCogra’s guidelines, 888 also follows the rules set forth by the UK based, Interactive Gaming Council.

Online gambling should be a fun and entertaining pastime.  Understanding how addictive, and potentially dangerous, gambling can be, 888 takes this into consideration and has instituted several methods to ensure that gambling doesn’t become a serious addiction or problem.  Two distinctive measures that have been set in place include gambling therapy and personal limits.  Gambling therapy is a button that has been included in the online casino games.  For those who worry that they might be developing an unhealthy addiction to online gambling, a simple click of the gambling therapy button will ensure that the person is provided with the resources needed to recognize and treat a gambling addiction. 

Personal limits are an important tool that all gamers can take advantage of.  These will ensure that the player is cut off for a specified length of time.  When a player feels that they are losing control and can’t stop playing, their account will become disabled after initiating player limits.  Even if the player tries to use other methods to access the site and establish new accounts, they will be subject to the block.  The 888 Company initiates a number of different technologies and systems to determine the identity of players.  The primary goal of responsible gaming is to ensure the safety of the players, and to prevent them from using online gambling in a harmful manner. Another important aspect of responsible gaming that is used by 888 includes recognizing players that might be under the age of eighteen.  To identify those who might be underage, 888 has special training techniques that they set in place.  They also have the opportunity to shut down an account should they suspect that the player is underage.  During the accounts suspension, a full investigation will be launched.  Should it be discovered that the user was underage, the account will be permanently terminated.  In addition to providing steps for responsible gaming, 888 also focuses on many charitable activities and events.

Since 888 is an online community, it has a worldwide reach.  Keeping that realization at the forefront, 888 engages in a number of different charities and charitable events that have a global impact.  The charitable nature of 888 isn’t reserved for the executives alone.  The employees also have a strong sense of charitable acts and participate in several local charities.  Many of these charities include environmental, educational, medical, and humanitarian outreaches.  888 is a growing network that is committed to meeting the needs of the online gambling community in a responsible, safe, and secure manner.  Their commitment to fun and entertaining gaming while protecting minors and those from becoming addicted make them one of the world’s premier gaming environments.


BOSSMEDIA Casino Software:

Boss Media is a Swedish company that deals with the development of software and systems for the world of casino entertainment. The company was founded in 1996 and has been trading on the Stockholm Stock Exchange from 1999. Then Boss Media dealt with the operation of the Gold Club Casino, an on line casino that started its operation a year later in 1997. As soon as the casino was launched, Boss Media was flooded with appeals from numerous corporations and investors who were intrigued by the casino software and were willing to purchase it. Boss Media expanded its operations to include the manufacture of on line casino software solutions. In early 2004, Boss Media sold the Gold Club Casino and is now totally focusing on creating e-gaming systems for companies in the gaming entertainment industry.

Boss Media, in collaboration with St Minver Ltd of Gibraltar, administrates the International Poker Network. The Network has more than thirty five on line poker sites or rooms. Their software also provides Bingo and casino games. All the games create an atmosphere that is so realistic and similar to an on land casino. This makes playing of the games more interesting and entertaining. Upon opening an account with any of the Boss Casinos, a PIN number is sent that ensures that withdrawals of more than $500 can be done. Records of transactions made are kept and can be accessed. These records show the withdrawals, deposits and bonuses. Other records that are kept and easily accessed are of the bets made for the last month.

The software package from Boss Media has a whole solution for the clients in the gaming entertainment industry. It offers a number of systems that are required in the operation of a casino. The basic yet fundamental systems required are the gaming, payment and management systems. Included in the package also, are services like customer support, security and surveillance as well as technical support.

The software is continuously updated with accordance to the needs of the clients and the gaming corporations. To date there are three versions of the software that have been developed. There are numerous games on offer that include Blackjack, Poker, Baccarat, Slots, Roulette, Keno and Craps. The first version is for single players whilst the second version is for multi-players. The third version is unique in that there is a program that offers cash back and has both single and multi-players. The cash back rates vary according to the game.

In its website, Boss Media gives reviews from its clients. The reviews are not only of the software but also of affiliated casinos that use it. A potential investors or player can get assurance from these reviews on the reliability of Boss Media. Boss Media has a proven track record of having a safe and secure environment for players. Boss Media caters for numerous nationalities by having different languages including English, French, Russian, Italian and Spanish. Different currencies are also catered for.

The Boss Media is one of the best casino software companies. Its reputation as a reliable, sound and trustworthy company precedes it.


Net Entertainment Casino Software

Net Entertainment is a Scandinavian gaming software company that was established in 1996. It is amongst the pioneers in the business of on line gambling. The company was born from the desire of the owners to have software that sufficiently met the needs of players. After developing the software, Net Entertainment launched its own on line casino with the turn of the century in 2000. By the end of that year, there were four more on-line casinos. In 2005, Net Entertainment sold all of their on line casinos and shifted their focus to the development of gaming software. For the next two years, the company tried its best to keep up with other giants of software development. The release of software in 2007 shook the gaming entertaining industry as it proved to have the best casino games. The company is now leader in the market of gaming software.

Net Entertainment developed a niche market which focuses on sports books from outside the United States. The software developed by Net Entertainment is fully loaded with exceptional features and is a complete solution for clients. The package has systems and services which are vital to any casino for its smooth operation. There is a unique gaming system which offers more than ten different games with numerous versions. Without this system, the software is useless. The package also includes a payment system and a customer support service. The payment system is efficient and will pay out any bonuses or wins to its clients. The customer support service system has outstanding features. Clients do not have to wait long for response to all their queries; these are promptly replied whether through email, phone or the Customer Support Form.

The technical support system is offered in more than 20 languages and is available 24/7. This ensures that the software caters for a wide range of nationalities. The management system is broad permitting for ultimate control in management as well as operation systems. The system software allows clients to easily integrate solutions into their gambling websites. Other features of the Net Entertainment software include account management, monitoring, access to new software that may be released. The security is tight and ideal for players so that their privacy is not violated. Software by Net Entertainment is accredited by eCOGRA.

Net Entertainment continues its role of providing software that fits the bill. There is continued updating of the software. In 2008, the company released version 4 of the Casino Module, which is termed the best software package in the gaming industry. This version is jam packed with exciting features such as Video slots, Blackjack, Poker, Craps, Baccarat, Keno and Roulette. The software has moved some focus from casino games to the Golden Derby. A three dimensional horse race is featured together with amazing graphics, animation and sounds.

Not only does Net Entertainment have an informative website but the company also has a newsletter that it sends to its clients to keep them updated with events and news. Collaborating with Net Entertainment will give one an experience to talk about.


OddsOn Casino Software

OddsOn is a online casino software that is owned by the English Harbour Entertainment Group. The company founded the Odds On Gaming Inc. which primarily began as an e-cash processing company in 1998. From then on the company has never looked back and today it has grown to have a wide variety of online casino games. Their online games have been evolving starting from the earlier software versions that were developed used Java to the more recent versions of the gambling software that have been designed using C++ programming. OddsOn gaming software has for the past years been providing online gamers with a software platform that offers users a play that is more realistic and exciting to play. Their interfaces are quite user friendly and thus is not complicated for new users to understand the basics of play. The interfaces are also quite appealing and are therefore effective in creating an environment that is conducive for game play. Their software supports the latest security levels and thus offers users a secured platform to play from without the risk of losing personal information to third parties who may then defraud player accounts. Thus the security and safety offered by their gaming software ensures that you do not lose a dime to cheats and thus you can concentrate on making huge rakings. OddsOn software also offers players some progressive jackpots thus allowing online casino players to make some huge earnings. So if you want to experience the jackpot thrills try OddsOn software. Casinos that are using OddsOn software include casinos such as the English Harbour, the Silver Dollar among many others that have recently begun using the software owing to the reputation the software has been gaining.

The softaware owners have ensured that casinos that use their software provide their customers with games that are fair. They have done this by making sure that they have followed all the legal protocols and were thereby licensed by the Antigua jurisdiction. OddsOn gaming software are follow a strict monitoring on fair play and thus have put in place a measure to ensure that their games are as fair as is possible, so they engage independent third party organizations that carryout monthly audits on their software’s in order to check if their payout percentages for all games are fair and do not give the house an unfair advantage. OddsOn has a wide range of casino games some of which include the much popular slots, Blackjack, Poker and Roulette. OddsOn games provide casino game varieties that are unique to them and some of them come with some rather interesting features. Some of the interesting features that you will come across on their games are the Flash-based games. These games will allow the player to access play history, adjust game speeds and have freedom of using the multiple depositing and withdrawing methods that are offered. The software has no restrictions to players it accepts and it even accepts players from the US.

So if you want to gamble online make sure you do it on an online casino that has OddsOn software for its main goal is fairness.


Random Logic casino software

Random Logic is a casino software development company that was established in 1996 by a number of graduates form the Israel Institute of Technology. The software company is owned by Cassava Enterprises and majors in casino software development. One of the most renowned on-line casinos, Casino on Net, uses the Random Logic software for their operation. The company is one of the oldest, well renowned and flourishing authority in the world of the gaming industry and in the on-line business community. It leads in software development and provision. Its analytical software is priceless and useful for player by increasing chances of winning in any game.

The Random Logic Software package comes loaded with good systems, exceptional services and unique features. They have the best payment system in the gaming industry with timely payments especially to its loyal clients. The software has a cash back facility for almost every player. VIP and Gold VIP member players have more benefits. There are also promotions available for the player’s advantage. The software has a good maintenance service and a customer relations management system.

The game system exudes an atmosphere similar to a top on land casino. The highlights are distinctive and the mechanics are straightforward. The software can warn a player when about to make a move that is not recommended. This ensures that a player does not lose any money gratuitously. The software comes with a tutorial which gives the rules, the way the games are played and on the strategies that can be used. Not only is there a single player option but also a multi-player option.

The development team at Random Logic is dedicated to incessantly providing an improved software package. During 2003, there was the release of Version 7 of the Random Logic software. This version has a superior game system which consists seven table games, six video poker games, ten types of slot machines, and five progressive slot machines. The most common and favored games include slot machines, money wheels, blackjack, roulette, poker, baccarat, keno and craps. In addition there are five progressive jackpots.

Random Logic is not only into the provision of software but also of the development of on line transaction processing structures. They also have the ability to analyze on line advertising promotions. Using the software is not a hassle and it can easily be downloaded. Unlike other casino systems, all the game can be downloaded simultaneously. This allows for faster connectivity and quicker play.

The personnel at Random Logic are highly commended: their consultants are leading gurus of the gaming industry. The consultants have an absolute and systematic understanding of the intricate workings of the internet business. There are constant updates of the site as well as of the systems of the software. Their software can be customized according to the needs of the clients but within the specifications of the development team’s standards.

Investing in software developed by Random Logic will turn any on line casino into a gold mine. The Random Logic software has proven to be cut above the rest.



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