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Beginners Guide to Internet Casinos

Want to play for real money? read this beginners guide first!


We cover the main topics any new casino player should be familliar with prior to making a real money deposit at an online casino.!

Common Mistakes Made By Online Gamblers & offline gamblers

Mistakes that are made by gamblers be it on land based casinos or online casinos mean profits for casino operators. Gamblers make a lot of mistakes every year and casinos benefit from these mistakes in a big way.

Casino owners design the games and even the atmosphere that they create in their games to be deceitful so that they can make a lot of money. You have to be very clever to identify some of the traps as they are designed in such a way that it seems that they are there to help you.

The chances of you winning at a casino are very limited but that does not mean that it is impossible. Playing slots or roulette is mostly a game of chance, where as card games such as poker involve some skill and offer better odds.

They are few mistakes that online gamblers make that casino operators pounce on. If you mange to minimize or avoid making these mistakes then you are in with a good chance of making a lot of money in the casino room.

Some people open their accounts online and they start betting without first looking at what exactly they would like to bet. In other words, people do not make a budget for gambling online.

You should not get emotionally involved with the game especially if you narrowly lose because that is an enticement for you to continue playing. There are people who are very good at going through life without planning or doing research and it is the same with some gamblers online who do not bother to play the free games first so that they get to know the game.

They go straight to playing without understanding the game. You should select a game that you know very well. The reason for this is the chances of you winning are every slim as it is do not make it worse for your self by going for a game that you do not understand.

You should be aware of the tips of playing a particular game so that you can increase your chances of being successful at the game.

Another mistake that gamblers online make is playing at the wrong casino site. Read about the casinos before downloading and depositing.

Finally losing focus and judgment there are a lot of distraction that will be happening on the screen as you play and these are designed for you to lose focus. The moment you look aside you have lost concentration and that impairs your judgment. There are offers that are always being offered by the side of the screen as you play.

People always make the mistake of thinking that casinos are on their side when they gamble online or even offline. If you are one of those people that think so I have question for you. If they are on your side then why is it that they manage to stay in business every year and make huge profits? Casinos come up with ways of making it look like they are on your side but the truth of the matter is they are not.

Plan your budget, pick a casino deposit bonus and if luck is on your side you may walk away with a nice sum of money. It is a gamble to play at casinos, just like playing lotto, keno or sratch card. Card games will give you better odds and you can definetly win money and many have already done so.


Ecogra Approved Casinos – Online Casino Regulator

ECOGRA can be said to be the consumer watch dog on online casinos. The independent entity looks into the operations of online casinos and sees how they affect players. Some of the operations it looks into are makes sure that winning bets are paid on time, deposits are safe, operators are honest and the games that are offered are fair.

The question many people would be asking themselves is why should I choose a site that is approved by this organization? There are few concerns that a player will always have when playing online casino, how responsible is the operator?, random games, secure storage of personal information, honest advertising and quick payments of winnings. The above mentioned concerns are the concerns of Ecogra. If you see a casino online that has the Ecogra seal then you can rest assured that. The operations of the casino are being constantly watched.

They are many sites that bear the Ecogra seal of approval. There is the seven sultan’s casino, king Neptunes, all slots, piggs peak, first web, lucky nugget, all jackpots and maple just to mention a few. The seven sultan’s casino requires no deposit and you get to have 50 pounds in credits that are given to you by the casino. The site also offers a download service whereby you can download up to 200 casino games. The king Neptune site has great design such that many people log on to the site just to see the artful design. You get to download games from the site for free.

You have to download casino software from the site to enable you to play the games. You also have the opportunity to play the game that are offered by the casino for free and that is the practice arena for many people. Players that are beginning to play casino games start off there before they venture to the big boys league where games are paid for.

There is so much that is done by the Ecogra organization for the players who partake in online casino gambling. The organization can act as a mediator between player and a casino that has an Ecogra approval seal. This is what the organization stands for and that is protecting the consumer from any unfair treatment from online casino operators.

Captain cooks casino is another online casino that is approved by the Ecogra organization. The casino has customer care as its number one priority and the do not only have the communication lines open through web chats and emails but they give away a lot of money for players to play for free. The no deposit bonus is well known to many online casino players. The free money that you get from the casino is great especially when you are down on luck at least you will be playing using money that is not yours.

There are other casinos that you can try out that are approved by Ecogra is not easy to get approval from the organization so thus you can trust the seal when ever you see it on an online casino site.


How To Choose A Good Online Casino

People that are very fond of gambling will always have a good selection of online gambling sites that they go to when they want to do what they love best. You could always ask them which is the best that is if you can find one that will admit that they are into gambling.

You personally have to look for a casino that best suites you in terms of games and cost or and other requirements that you seek from an online casino. It is not hard to look for a good online casino you have to know as much as you can about that casino so that you can come to an informed decision.

Many people are choosing to stay at home and gamble online and also choose casinos with good casino bonuses via casino review portals. For many people ,long gone are the days when you had to plan a trip to Vegas so that you could get a chance to gamble. The internet has made it possible for you to sit in front of your computer and gamble the night away. Online casino are a lot of fun but with everything that is great there is an element of risk and thus you have to make sure that you choose an online casino that is reliable.

Firstly you have to make sure that the casino that you are registering with is not a bogus casino meaning that it is open today and closed tomorrow. The best way to do that is for you to look for online casinos that are approved by Ecogra. Ecogra is an online casinos watch dog. It looks after the interests of the players and consumers of online casino world.

Payment of winnings on time is very crucial; you have to make sure that you get your winning bets quickly before too much time elapses. Secure storage of personal information, this bit is crucial as you do not want your personal information being given to any one that asks for it. Now our days with identity theft such an occurrence could mean a loss of thousands of dollars not to mention the emotional roller coaster ride that you would go through.

You can always visit online casino sites that help you to choose the best online casino site for you. Some of the online sites are very reliable and stand on a very good stead in the online marketing industry. To choose the best online casino you need to have one thing in abundance and that is information. You need information about the casinos and how they operate. You can get information by googling some of the online casinos sites. You can read reviews from professionals that gamble on a daily basis. You can always ask you friends and family that you know gamble online may be they can give you their own views based on their experiences.

The importance of choosing a good online casino can not be over emphasized as it may mean the difference between you winning and losing a lot of money before you even play.


How To Open An Online Casino Account And Start Playing

You have been playing the free online games for sometime and you feel like you are ready to play the real games. Then it is times that you open a casino account that will enable you to play games that are paid for. You first have to know how to open the account. They are a lot of people that are joining online casinos to gamble for fun or to try their luck. The players who start off as playing for fun eventually make the switch to become players for real.

The great atmosphere and the thrill that comes with gambling lead many people to do so. I do not even want to mention the possibility of winning a lot of money in a short space of time is one of the great attractions for players. The freedom and anominty that you get from an online casino as compared to land based casinos and the casino bonuses. These are just a few of the many reason why people choose to gamble online and not go to land based casinos any more. There is a large number of online casinos that are already established in the industry and they are dozens that are cropping up every day due to the growth of the industry. Before you dream about winning those millions you first have to open an account and become a real player.

It is understandable that many people are not comfortable withy making financial transaction over the internet. People have distrust for online payment methods and thus will be hesitant to open an online casino account you do not have to worry about your hard earned money as the casinos that are found online are registered and have great goodwill within the industry.

The beauty of these online casino sites is that they will give you a signing bonus that is equivalent to your initial deposit. Opening of an online casino account is very easy. You have to follow the step by step guide that is offered by the online casino. The way you register for an online casino account is not uniform with all other sites meaning that the process of registering is differs with each and every casino. The process may differ for many of the casinos but the basic registration process does not change for many of the online casino.

You do not have to worry if you think that the process is complicated. You can do two thing , firstly you can follow the step by step guide that most casinos offer and that is bound to simplify things for you. If you so happen to find a site that does not have a step by step guide then you can contact their customer care line and you get them to explain how you can open your account.

The great atmosphere of gambling and the thrill of winning and the millions await you so go on create that account today.


How To Make An Online Casino Deposit

They are various ways in which you can make an online casino deposit and these are virtual pre-paid debit cards, e-checks, e-wallets, wire transfers, bank transfers, instant deposits, credit cards and debit cards. Debit and credit card payments always raise questions with online casino operators so many players choose to use other means of online deposit payments. They are whole other hosts of options that one can use that exclude the ones that I mentioned above.

Making an online casino deposit is not rocket science it is quite an easy process. Players will always have questions pertaining to online deposits and they only have to pay a visit to the online payment guides websites so that their questions are answered. The greatest difficult that people face has nothing to do with the process of making the deposit but rather with the selection of option to use when making the deposit. Even when you choose the option that you want to use when you are making the online casino deposit. You have to look for the online casino that accepts the kind of payment that you have chosen. There are online payment options that are accepted by a majority of the online casinos websites then you have no problem like NETeller it is one of the options that is used by many of the online casinos. There are websites that try and influence players when it comes to the type of online deposit option that they choose. They offer you a bonus for selecting a particular payment option.

The promise of big casino bonuses is usually enough to persuade players to switch allegiance and go for the payment option that is being advocated for by the online casinos. When have settled that matter you have to create your casino account so that you can make the deposit. When you open your account your have to select the payment method that you have chosen and then the payment option. The rest from here is easy as you only have to click on the icon of the payment option that you have chosen and then you will be lead to another page and there you will finish the registration of your account. The second page has a step by step guide for you. You have to fill in your banking and personal information\. You have to then select how much you want to be transferred and where you want to transfer your money to. Wait for confirmation of transfer and that is it.

When you have made your deposit for that you have chosen then you can start gambling like any one else. The amount of deposits that you make is not fixed for every online casino that you may join but differs with each and every casino. They are some casinos that do not ask for deposits but that does not mean that they are the best casinos for you to join. You have to join one that you are satisfied with.



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